There are many schools for foreign student in Japan, called Japanese Language School. Many people in Sri Lanka willing go to Japan for their studies anyway. I would like to teach my advice all of student, how to apply for Japanese Language School.

How to choose trusted Agent Company??

Nowadays we can see there are many Agencies in Sri Lanka. First of all, Japanese language schools that they can introduce are only they graduated. The agent company got an income from the Japanese language school of course getting an introduction fee, so we can only introduce schools that can receive introduction fees. However, most of the Japanese schools do not want to tie-up with Agent Company of Sri Lanka.

How to choose a good school?

Language schools which is introducing by suspicious agencies are cannot trust, because they are trying to earn money easily. Common things are where these schools have only Chinese, Nepalians, and Vietnamese students. This kind of schools not good.

You can check the number of other countries students from this website.


What is the reason Sri Lankans are avoided from Japanese Language schools?

We are currently tied up with over 20 schools in Japan. However, there is not much good response to Sri Lankan students. Japanese language school says “It is better to introduce one Taiwanese person than to introduce five Sri Lankans”.
Why is that?
This situation is due to the poor Performance of seniors of Sri Lanka who have studied in Japan. The most common reason is illegal stay. In fact, since this year the rules have become more strict to Sri Lankans. They stay illegally in Japan for the purpose of earning money instead of going to studies and continue working until they are caught by the police. Honestly speaking, if you want earn money, we do not recommend study in Japan. In Japan, salary which is given for foreigners is small and living expenses are very high. If you want money, there is no doubt that you can earn more go to Australia.

About part-time jobs

This is frequently asked questions about introduce part-time job? However, if you cannot speak Japanese, we cannot introduce a part time job. Many Sri Lankans who wish to study in Japan do not speak Japanese at all, English also not clever. If you want get a part-time job, it is tough if there is no Japanese level of N2 or higher. If Japanese proficiency is high, you can work in restaurants, convenience stores, supermarket part-time stations such as taverns.

How much is the cost of living and tuition?

This is a frequently asked question. This will vary widely from region to region. That you can guess thinking about in Sri Lanka.The cost of living in Colombo and the countryside is totally different. In Japan, the cost of living in Tokyo is the highest; the countryside such as Hokkaido and Okinawa is cheap. Tuition also varies from region to region. Even part-time jobs may differ from factor of two between Tokyo and Okinawa.
First pick up where are you want to go to school and we will take counseling.


We can really help you with Sri Lankans who wish to study Japanese, but we cannot help student who intend go to work in Japan. If students are going to stay illegally, our company will be deprived of trust until now. We will support you who will learn Japanese and involve in Japanese in the future.