Check if you are entitled to a Japanese language school

Check on admission time

Most of the Japanese language school entered April or October. There are few schools in January and July.

Japanese language

Those who have never studied Japanese at all, it is difficult to enroll in a Japanese language school.
First of all, we aim to acquire N4 level Japanese proficiency test in your home country.
Even for persons who do not have a Japanese proficiency certificate, encourage JLPT or J – TEST examination.
By the way, even if your Japanese language skill is too high, you may not pass through (in that case you should recommend a vocational school).

Study experience in Japan

Japanese language schools in Japan can only receive education for two years in all periods.
For example, those who have already studied at a Japanese language school in Japan for one year and a half can only enter the school for the other half a year. If you enrolled in a university or a vocational school, there is no problem even if it exceeds the two-year learning period.

Financial strength certificate

If we do not submit a financial certificate of at least 2 million yen, application for study abroad visas is severe.


If the sponsors are other than relatives, the examination becomes strict. Parents are preferable if possible.

Age and employment history

Judging will become more severe if more than five years have passed since you graduated from college.
If there is a blank period in the education or work experience, it is necessary to clarify the reason.

Presence of engagement

If it is married the enrolment will be difficult.

Check of submitted documents

0. Common subject matter

The basic is handwriting in English or Japanese, there are many places where correction liquid and correction tape are impossible.
When writing in other languages, Japanese translation is required + Translation company name and seal.
In preparation for telephone survey from the Immigration Bureau, the address and phone number of the home and the workplace must be consistent in all documents.

1. Application for admission

The format differs according to each school. Especially motivation for motivation is important and it is necessary to have the volunteers write them. If Japanese ability is not so high, you need to write in English or local language and translate.
After studying at a Japanese language school, if you plan to go on to university, be sure to check “Scheduled to go on to higher education”. Even if you have not decided either yet, be sure to check “Schedule for entrance”. (There is a possibility that the next visa will not come out if you put a check in “Returning home”)
If there is a blank period in history or work history, it is necessary to clarify the reason, and in some cases a certificate is also necessary.
Checkpoint: address, telephone number, family composition, educational background, employment history, desire motivation, Japan border record.

2. Reason for enrollment

If five years or more have passed since the last academic record, the examination will be difficult. The reason why I want to go to Japan, my Japanese ability and my past career becomes important.
Checkpoint: Japanese language ability and past Japanese experience.

3.  Certificate of graduation from the last school (diploma)

Submit the last educational record. If you are dropping out on the way or being removed, it will affect the review.
If you are enrolled in a university, you will also need a proof of grades at the time of your high school and a certificate of graduation, plus a college enrollment certificate and university record, proof of graduation proof. All documents except diploma need to be prepared within 3 months.

4. Proof of incumbency

If you are currently working, submit. If there is no need for submission.

5. Japanese proficiency test

It would be better if you have N4, at least N5 Japanese ability, if possible, and those with certificates such as JLTP and J – TEST will be better.

It is even better if there is issuance of the Japanese language learning history certificate from the home language Japanese educational institution.

If you do not have materials that you can study by self study and have Japanese proficiency verified, it may not pass the examination, so it is good to take a Japanese test according to the time of enrollment.
Checkpoint: Japanese ability, proof of Japanese ability.

6. Sponsor

Relative supporters are preferably relatives. The applicant himself / herself can become a supporter of financial expenses, but it is better to quit because it is difficult to issue proof of funds.

Also, some acquaintances in Japan will be sponsors of expenses, but unless it is a very good relationship, it is better to stop this as well.
The names of all sponsors, the address of the home and the workplace and the telephone number are unified.

A. Statement of financial support , supplementary expenses

The expression here is also checked by Immigration Bureau. It is essential that you fill out and sign it with your sponsor ‘s sponsor. The cost of living is uniform at 100,000 yen per month and there is no problem.

B. Proof of incumbency, annual income certificate

If you are a personal manager, submit documents such as business license and corporate registry instead.
If there is no annual income proof, prepare documents that understand income, such as tax payment proof.
If the annual income of the financial sponsor is low, you can submit proof of employment and annual income for both your father and mother

C.  Copy of applicant’s family register (birth certificate), Proof of Relationship

Documents certifying the relationship with financial sponsor.

D. Bank balance statement

There is no clear regulation, but if there is one million yen every half year, there is no problem.

Example: “One year study abroad → 2 million yen, two years studying → 4 million yen”
It is not possible to submit financial certificates such as stock certificates and land.

E.  Certificate of bank balance

Copy of bank passbook for 3 years is required. If there is a sharp deposit in the bank balance, create a proof to explain where the fund came from (no particular format).

F. Other necessary documents

Each applicant prepares and prepares certificates and reasons according to the circumstances