What is the most popular souvenir from Japan.

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If you go to Japan, what would you like to buy?

There are so many interesting stuff and high quality goods in Japan.

Actually I have just come back from Japan.

My Japanese friends who live in Sri Lanka wanted me to buy some Japanese stuff.

I will tell you what is the most poplar.

How Japanese girls protect their skin?

Sri Lanka is really hot country. So Japanese lady are really worry about sunburn.

I don’t know Sri Lankan people how to protect their skin from strong sunshine. I expect Sri Lankan only use parasol and sunscreen.

Actually those method is not fashionable now.

Japanese people already use supplement as sunscreen.

This product is called White Veil.

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Innovative Sunscreen Supplement “White Veil”

 You only take 2 tablets in the morning! That is enough! It is very easy!

  • 24 hours
  • Protects the entire skin surface
  • For a fair white skin


Block Photoeaging

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How can we Not get Photoaging?

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Wha is White Veil Sunscreen Supplement?


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How much is it?

 White Veil only 3,000Rs.

This time I only bring here 20 packages

If you want, please tell me immediately. I don’t know when I can bring it Sri Lanka again.

If you want to buy it, please contact me.

Phone: 076 630 0306 (KEI TAKAHASHI)

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